Frost Walls Construction in Maine

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Making Sure Your Walls and Footings Do Not Freeze Up

When you live in Maine, you know that the winters, and sometimes the fall and spring, can be brutally cold, wet and snowy. Frost seeps from the surface into the ground and freezes everything in its path. So, when you are a homeowner in Maine, frost walls are a necessity. Frost walls are concrete walls that are installed in the ground deep enough so when the ground freezes, the walls and the footings they are sitting on will not freeze. Call S&M Concrete & Jacking for a free estimate on your frost walls project.

Durable, Well Constructed Walls Stop Frost Heaving

When the ground freezes underneath the walls and footings, it can cause the ground to move, which is called frost heaving. Frost heaving is capable of moving your concrete walls up and down, causing serious damage to your home’s foundation. Frost Walls in Maine must be at least four feet below the ground, and they are four feet tall. You can trust that S&M Concrete & Jacking will provide you with the most durable and well-constructed frost walls in Maine.

Here is How a Frost Wall Works

What is the purpose of a frost wall? The walls prevent the soil surrounding a building’s foundation from freezing by using the heat that radiates from the structure to warm the soil. S&M Concrete & Jacking applies a layer of foam insulation to the outside of the foundation wall, and another layer of insulation is installed under the soil at the base of the foundation wall. The layers of insulation direct the warmth from the heated interior of the home into the soil and keep it there so that the soil does not freeze.

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Frost Walls Can Also be Constructed for Unheated Structures

S&M Concrete & Jacking can also construct frost walls for a structure that is not heated, like a barn or a garage. We will install a horizontal layer of insulation under the building’s entire foundation, and it is extended outward from the foundation. There is no vertical insulation installed. The layer of insulation rests on a layer of gravel, which takes advantage of the warmer temperatures in the deeper layers. Contact us if you have any questions about frost walls.

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